FSRD ITB International Virtual Course
Food Culture Strategies for
Sustainable Creative Economy
November 26th, 2021 - January 20th, 2021
Visual Journey
Experience West Java Culture in Virtual
November 9th - 20th, 2020
Place Sense
Discovering the Display of Local Culinary Culture
November 17th - December 10th, 2020


Summer School Program is designed for serving international
students to study in ITB Campus. During the implementation
of academic activities, international and ITB students will
study and work together during a period of time. The lecture
materials, tutorials and excursions will be delivered in
English. The academic activities are delivered by ITB faculty
staffs and foreign resource persons (such as professors and
researchers from partner universities, experts who work in
the reputable industries/research canters, etc.). Until the end
of 2020, summer school programs in ITB are supported by
World Class University Program of ITB.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the summer school program
offered by ITB is replaced by the International Virtual
Courses. As has been indicated by its name, the academic
activities will be delivered virtually.

International Virtual Course: VISUAL JOURNEY
Experience West Java Culture in Virtual
9-20 November 2020

Technology has changed how humans experience the world through digitally mediated reality. It includes travel or tourism experience which now could be gained without actually travel to anywhere. Covid-19 pandemic has made this change more obvious. When tourism industries need a shift to face a ‘New Normal’, virtual tour could be a perfect choice.In this virtual course students will be introduced to process and techniques for creating engaging virtual tour experience by utilizing available technology, through a fun and exciting learning activity.

As a part of the learning process, during the course, the students will be invited to experience a virtual tour, exploring atmosphere, beauty of nature, culinary delights, and cultural heritage of West Java Province. In addition to that, student can enjoy dancing and trying out traditional clothes of West Java using Augmented Reality technology.West Java Province is a tourism destination in Indonesia that offers rich cultural resources, natural beauty, and hospitality of its people. It is expected, the students will get to know West Java culture more closely through the virtual tour.

This whole package is designed to be a perfect case to learn about virtual tour. In the end of the course, students will learn to share their exciting virtual adventure in the form of digital storytelling called “VISUAL JOURNEY: Experience West Java Culture in Virtual”.

International Virtual Course
Visual Communication Design FSRD ITB
CADL Building 2nd Floor.

Jl. Ganesha No. 10 Bandung
West Java – Indonesia

PlaceSense: Discovering the Display of Local Culinary Culture
International Virtual Course
17 November – 10 December 2020

Why food? We all love food! In addition, we are interested in how different cultures have differences and also similarities in food or culinary type and the way the locals prepare and serve it. Food as an object can stimulate our five senses; (1) Visual (shapes, color, portions, plating, packaging, display on food cart, food stall, food truck, etc.), (2) Olfactory (the smell of food when the food is cooking or when it’s served), (3) Tactile (textures, surface, how we use our bare hand to eat, using spoon, fork, chopstick, skewer etc.). (4) Audial (from the sound emerges in the process of cooking to that crispy crackling sound when we bite the food, also including the way how some food seller yelling, calling, singing a jingle or creating a unique tunes by hitting something on their food peddle) and obviously the sense of (5) Taste. These five senses play a big role in how we want to display and present the food. Moreover in commercial cases, we explore these senses to sell and make our food more appealing and inviting for customers to experience. This idea around stimulating senses in culinary display has created this intimate space between food and human which we would like to explore through this International Virtual Course.

Keywords: food, culinary, senses, display, experience, culture, space

Interior Design study program
Faculty of Art & Design
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

CADL Building 3rd Floor
Jl. Ganesha no. 10 Bandung
West Java, Indonesia

kontak : +62812-2247-6526 (Mrs. Larasati)
e-mail : interioritb.placesense@gmail.com

Food Culture: Strategies for Sustainable Creative Economy
27 November 2020-20 January 2021

2021 is the international Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development declared by United Nations. Through this momentum, we plan to organize Summer School program by addressing the issue of sustainable development through design activities with the context of food and culture. This program is motivated by the need for an increasing amount of food in Indonesia due to an increase in population. Apart from that, the culinary industry in Indonesia has also contributed greatly to the growth of the creative industry.

Cultural patterns and values related to food are expected to be a different creative approach in developing designs that are more environmental sustainability. The global food system makes a significant contribution to climate changing greenhouse gas emissions with all stages in the supply chain, from agricultural production through processing, distribution, retailing, home food preparation and waste, playing a part. It also gives rise to other major environmental impacts, including biodiversity loss and water extraction and pollution.

Food is an important part for human life, from fulfilling basic physiological need to building social interaction and psychological expression. Food also becomes identity marker and social status. Food is intertwined with culture and we can experience a culture through food. Food is currently developing as an industry to fulfill the needs of many people, including fresh food to instant food. In fact, local food develops into a city identity and supports economic activity. Through the Virtual Summer School 2020 activities, we will engage the participant to experience the culture, to imagine and to plan about ideal condition of sustainable food system for the city’s creative economy.

Virtual Summer School 2020
Product Design study program
Faculty of Art and Design
Bandung Institute of Technology

CADL Building 3rd Floor
Jl. Ganesha no. 10 Bandung
West Java, Indonesia

contact : +62 813-8903-7457 (Miss Fiona)
e-mail : summerschool.psdpitb@gmail.com

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